About Blood Echoes Retrieved (What’s with that name?)

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Blood Echoes Retrieved is a reference to Bloodborne, the best game of this generation. Play it if you haven’t already. Played it for a few hours and kept dying? Keep playing it. It’s worth it.

Did you already know that? Then chances are you’re in the right place and if you didn’t, well maybe some of this will prove informative.

I’m Tom and first and foremost, I’m a huge PlayStation fan. More importantly, I’m a big fan of gaming as a whole. What you’ll find here in this blog will be all manner of gaming related pieces, from your average top ten lists, to something more unique – I’d like to write big, lengthy, editorial-style posts on topics I’m passionate about and go really in-depth. If you’re in for a long read, you’ll be pleased.

So I hope you’ll stick around, leave a comment and give the blog a follow. I’ll try to update as regularly as possible. Thanks!


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